Hummer tall fescue
  • Heading Date Early
  • Endophyte Max P
  • Rust Tolerance Good
  • Leaf Size Medium
  • Pasture Life Perennial

Hummer is a soft leaved and fine tillered early heading cultivar with seed head emergence starting in late September. Hummer has maintained the productivity and persistence of the early heading types while improving the palatability and grazing management. Not only is Hummer a fine tillered cultivar but it is a sod forming which create dense crowns over time: an important trait of a persistent tall fescue. The early heading time of Hummer leads to a very impressive late winter and early spring growth potential, while Hummer as a tall fescue is an ideal option for irrigated or summer rainfall pastures in regions where it is too hot for perennial ryegrass to perform at its most efficient. Hummer is a deep rooted grass with a large corse fibrous root mass that can often be found well beyond the rooting depth of perennial ryegrass. This root structure and the strong crowning habit of Hummer helps it to be naturally tolerant of grass grub while the presence of MaxP® endophyte extends its insect tolerence markedly.

Hummer Tall Fescue and Choice Chicory Mix

Sowing & Establishment

  • Seed Weight 2.6 grams (per 1,000 seeds)
  • Sowing Rate 20-25

Tall fescue often is the ideal grass for providing high legume content pastures and is very complementary to both white and red clover. It also maintains high chicory content when sown together. Often Ecotain environmental plantain is sown with tall fescues, however sowing rates should be less than 1 kg/ha as the establishment vigour of Ecotain is so strong it can damage the tall fescue establishment density. Due to this legume and herb friendly establishment phase Hummer can be successfully used in lamb, beef, and deer fattening systems, as well as in many irrigated and un-irrigated summer-dry dairy operations.


Suggested Mixes

 Example mix
Hummer tall fescue 25 kg/ha
Tribute white clover 3 kg/ha
Relish red clover 4 kg/ha
TOTAL 32 kg/ha

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