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Ecotain: Stacking up the benefits
  • Huge reduction in N leaching from the urine patch - up to 89% depending on sward blend*
  • Ecotain® is a natural, environmentally friendly forage solution and it is the only product currently proven to reduce nitrate leaching as modelled by Overseer
  • Increases feed quality and/or supply during summer and autumn
  • Improves speed of sward recovery after summer dry
  • Improves cool season activity of pasture base
  • An ideal source of minerals for animal health and performance

*Lincoln University lysimeter studies (Woods, 2017)

Ecotain environmental plantain | Agricom

Ecotain combines four modes of action that work together to significantly reduce N leaching from the urine patch.

Dilute: Ecotain environmental plantain increases the volume of urine animals produce, which means the N being excreted is in a more dilute form, resulting in a reduced N load in the urine patch.

Reduce: Ecotain reduces the amount of dietary N which is excreted in urine, compared with ryegrass. This reduces the amount of N released into the soil via the urine patch.

Delay: In urine patches from animals grazing Ecotain, the conversion from ammonium to nitrate is delayed. Slower conversion allows plants a greater opportunity to uptake N, significantly reducing the potential for leaching.

Restrict: The presence of Ecotain plants in the soil reduces nitrification, likely through the effect of a biological nitrification inhibitor.

Glenn Judson | Agricom
An environmental breakthrough in nitrogen mitigation

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