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North Island

Cassey Edgcombe

Cassey Edgcombe

Territory Sales Manager, Upper North Island Hamilton

Hamish Johnstone | Agricom

Hamish Johnstone

Territory Sales Manager, Central North Island

Tim Jefferd | Territory Sales Manager Eastern North Island

Tim Jefferd

Territory Sales Manager, Eastern North Island

Laura Keenan

Laura Keenan

Environmental Agronomist, Western North Island, Palmerston North

Dylan Morratti | Agricom

Dylan Morratti

Territory Sales Manager, Western North Island, Palmerston North

Blake Gunn | Agricom

Blake Gunn

Extension Agronomist, Lower North Island Palmerston North

Georgia Massie | Agricom

Georgia Massie

Extension Agronomist, Upper North Island Hamilton

South Island

Jessica Dunbar

Jessica Dunbar

Territory Sales Manager, Northern South Island Lincoln

Jim Beer | Agricom

Jim Beer

Territory Sales Manager, Southern South Island Southland

Rob Campbell | Agricom

Rob Campbell

Territory Sales Manager, Central South Island Linclon

Ben Trotter | Agricom

Ben Trotter

South Island Sales Lead, Central Otago Cromwell

Fraser Harrison | Agricom

Fraser Harrison

Extension Agronomist, Upper South Island Lincoln

Holly Stirling | Agricom

Holly Stirling

Extension Agronomist, Upper South Island Lincoln

Sam Anderson | Agricom

Sam Anderson

Extension Agronomist, Southern South Island Invercargill

Kaylee Spain | Agricom

Kaylee Spain

Nutrition Technician Lincoln


Mark Brown | Agricom

Mark Brown

NZ Sales and Marketing Manager Hamilton

Allister Moorhead | Agricom

Allister Moorhead

Product Development Specialist Lincoln

Glenn Judson | Agricom

Glenn Judson

Animal Nutritionist Lincoln

Sarah McKenzie |  Agricom

Sarah McKenzie

Extension Manager Lincoln

Sam Robinson | Agricom

Sam Robinson

Forage Technical Specialist Gore


Jackie Wolton | Agricom

Jackie Wolton

Customer Services Lincoln

Caitlin Hawtin | Agricom

Caitlin Hawtin

Customer Services Representative Lincoln

Sammi Stewart | Agricom

Sammi Stewart

Marketing Coordinator Lincoln

General Enquiries


Agricom, PO Box 69168, Lincoln 7640, New Zealand

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