Pasture herbs, chicory and plantain, are species that are high in trace elements and have very high animal performance characteristics; both live-weight gain and milk production.

Both chicory and plantain can be sown in a pasture mix, with a brassica crop or as a sole stand for specialist feed.


Chicory is a fleshy-leaved, tap-rooted plant ideal for summer cropping and multiple grazing.

It is utilised as a summer crop on dairy farms and in all summer based animal finishing systems. It is often included in grass mixes.

Plantain (also known as plantain grass) has a coarse, fibrous root system and generally is a winter dormant flatweed.

Some cultivars have been bred for upright and winter active habits, extending their relevance and use on farm considerably.

Forage plantain is a valuable summer growth pasture and is a quick establishing forage option.

It is an ideal source of minerals for animal health and performance and is an environmental feed option to mitigate Nitogen leaching.

Agricom has 2 plantain seed products, Ecotain and Agritonic.

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