Agritonic plantain
  • Perenniality Perennial
  • Grazing Seasons Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

AgriTonic is a forage plantain from the breeding programme that created Tonic; it maintains many of the seasonal growth features of Tonic while having an increased leaf number. During autumn establishment AgriTonic can have a greater density of leaves which may be not as large as Tonic’s.

AgriTonic has been bred from plants surviving our intense breeding process and we believe this has conferred some additional tolerance to grazing and other farm management stresses.

AgriTonic provides the ideal option for including in a general pasture mix at 2-3 kg/ha where grazing pressure is often unnoticed and intense. In high density legume mixes AgriTonic also provides well tillered plants that should complement this style of grazing system.

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Sowing & Establishment

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Different AgriTonic Options

  Advantages Disadvantages
Pure Species Dedicated weed control and grazing management. Maximum benefit from herbs. Slightly slower winter growth rates than ryegrass. Requires nitrogen fertiliser
AgriTonic with clover Same as above with; Increased nitrogen. Clover fills sward gaps Slightly slower winter growth rates than ryegrass. Potential bloat risk if clover dominates. Reduced weed control options.


  • Seed Weight 2 grams (per 1,000 seeds)
  • Sowing Rate 1 - 3 Mixed sward, 8 - 14 Pure stand

Suggested Mixes

Dairy Pasture Example Mix

  Rate (kg/ha)
ONE50 AR37 or AR1 18
Mainstay white clover 3
Tribute white clover 2
AgriTonic plantain 2

 Sheep and Beef Example Mix

  Rate (kg/ha)
Samson AR37 or AR1 18
Savvy Cocksfoot 3
Mainstay white clover 3
Tribute white clover 2
AgriTonic plantain 2

Italian Pasture Example Mix

  Rate (kg/ha)
Asset AR37 14
AgriTonic plantain 1-3
TOTAL 15-17

Legume Pasture Example Mix

  Rate (kg/ha)
AgriTonic plantain 8
Relish red clover 6
Tribute white clover 3

 Specialist Stand


Rate (kg/ha)

AgriTonic plantain 12


  Rate (kg/ha)
AgriTonic plantain 4

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