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  • Heading Date Late (+20)
  • Ploidy Diploid
  • Suggested sowing rate (kg/ha) 18-20 kg/ha
  • Endophyte AR37, AR1, Low Endophyte
  • Rust Tolerance Very High
  • Perenniality Perennial

ONE50 is a late heading diploid perennial ryegrass of medium leaf and tiller size. It has been New Zealand's largest selling perennial ryegrass for the last three consecutive years, something that should provide confidence to those considering it for the first time.

  • Outstanding summer, autumn and winter growth particularly with AR37
  • Excellent spring quality and summer leafiness
  • Excellent use of summer irrigation or natural rainfall
  • One of the most commercially sown vartities in New Zealand 
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Performance Data

ONE50 is a cross of elite genetics from New Zealand and north-west Spanish origin. It was bred using individual plants that were screened in the pest and rust-prone north of New Zealand. ONE50 is a late heading diploid perennial ryegrass of medium leaf and tiller size with great production.

ONE50 is one of the most trialled and widely sown cultivars in New Zealand with ONE50 AR37 being in over 36 individual national trials to date and ONE50 AR1 trialled in over 24 trials. This level of trialling creates confidence that the results reported today won’t change greatly in the near future. ONE50 maintains leafy quality pastures well into late November while its production advantages are particularly strong in summer and autumn.

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Suggested Mixes

Dairy pasture example mix

ONE50 is reliable for dairy production due to its outstanding summer, autumn and winter growth, quality and persistence.

  Rate (kg/ha) 
ONE50 AR37, AR1 or LE perennial ryegrass* 20
Brace White Clover 3
Attribute white clover (Superstrike) 2
Total 25


*It is not advisable to mix AR37 and AR1 varieties. AR1 is not recommended for areas where black beetle, porina or root aphid are common problem pests. Grass seed should be Superstrike® treated where Argentine stem weevil, black beetle or grass grub are a risk to seedlings. For more information on AR37 endophyte, visit AR37 endophyte is not suitable for deer or horse pastures.

Sheep & beef pasture example mix

  Rate (kg/ha) 
ONE50 AR1 or LE perennial ryegrass* 18
Attribute White Clover 3
Relish Red Clover 4
Ecotain® environmental plantain 1
Choice Chicory 2
Total 28
John Wright ONE50 Testimonial
It is very persistent for a ryegrass and is hard to beat for outright yield versus other grasses on the platform

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ONE50 case study

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