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There’s no doubt the economics of farming is presenting a challenging environment right now. However, there is one thing you can do on-farm to help mitigate rising costs and inflationary pressure and that’s grow your own feed. And when it comes to growing your own feed, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

At Agricom we’ve made selecting the right feed option for your specific farm system and region easy.

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Management Advice

Maximise your farm's potential with expert management advice from Agricom.

Whether it's pasture, brassica crops, fodder beet, or forage cereals, we've got you covered with best-practice guidance from establishment to grazing.

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Paddock of pasture on rolling hills with clear skies and trees in background

Agrecovery's Small Bags Product Stewardship Scheme is a sustainable solution for recycling your seed bags (25kg and under in size) and eligible bags are FREE to recycle!

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Proud to be a platinum supporter of Meat the Need

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AR37 endophyte

AR37 endophyte has more resistance to pasture pests than any other endophyte commercially available, helping to increase the persistence of your pasture.

Discover what endophytes are, how they work, and learn about their incredible effectiveness against pasture pests.

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