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Prophet is a triticale (wheat/ryecorn cross) providing a very flexible and valuable mid-late winter, single graze and/or lock up for green-chop or whole-crop silage option. Continual light grazings through the winter/spring rotation is also an option.

  • Excellent WCCS yield and quality
  • Increased tiller density
  • Greater tolerance of winter grazing
  • Excellent disease tolerance
  • Very good carbohydrate and metabolisable energy values

Prophet was bred for high tiller density, good disease tolerance and a larger seed head size, which are excellent properties for a whole crop cereal silage (WCCS) crop. Prophet has improved winter hardiness and grazing tolerance which means that it can recover quickly from a winter graze and then has the potential to produce a large amount of high quality WCCS or green-chop silage.
Prophet has a higher WCCS quality and yield than other similar triticales due to its increased tiller number and larger seed heads.



Prophet is ideally sown in autumn (early March) as a sole species and cut for green-chop silage or WCCS in the spring/summer. If sown early enough in the autumn, Prophet can be lightly grazed once over the mid to late winter, then locked up for green-chop silage or WCCS. The sowing date is dependant on your environment if a winter graze is required.

Although Prophet is very tolerant of a single winter graze, care must be taken when grazing not to pug or overgraze the crop as this will severely reduce the WCCS yield potential in spring.
Prophet is slightly slower to establish than DoubleTake. If sowing later in the autumn and a winter grazing is required, then DoubleTake would be the better option. If WCCS is the main reason for sowing triticale and a winter graze is not required then Prophet is the recommended option.
Care must be taken if using high rates of nitrogen, like any other quick growing winter forage crop, as nitrate poisoning can occur so stock monitoring is required in the initial stages of grazing. To reduce risk of nitrate poisoning, do not graze within 1 month of nitrogen application.

Prophet Triticale
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Autumn sowing Prophet for the last three years really suits us for our rotation and pasture renewal policy. The quality and quantity of Prophet has proven a good fit for our early spring

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