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  • Heading Date Mid-Season (Late (+14))
  • Ploidy Diploid
  • Endophyte AR37, Without Endophyte
  • Rust Tolerance Very High
  • Perenniality Italian
  • Grazing Seasons Autumn, Spring, Summer

Asset is a densely tillered diploid Italian ryegrass. It was bred from plants surviving their first summer and performing strongly through the second winter. As a result of these attributes Asset is the perfect choice if a persistent Italian ryegrass is required.

  • The first diploid Italian ryegrass available with AR37 novel endophyte (also available without endophyte)
  • Excellent second year production potential
  • Low aftermath seed head for a true Italian
  • Asset AR37 has excellent establishment and winter growth

Asset has a high tiller density to encourage persistence, even under occasional heavy winter grazing. Asset has excellent summer quality for its type, coupled with very high annual production for a diploid Italian ryegrass.

Due to its high level of persistence Asset was chosen as the first Italian ryegrass to be inoculated with the AR37 endophyte. This improves the persistencyof Asset AR37 by providing improved insect protection. This effectively stacked two traits; the natural robustness and persistence of Asset (the plant) and the insect protection of the AR37 the endophyte. 

It should be noted that as an Italian Asset AR37 may cause ryegrass staggers. For more information on AR37 endophyte, visit AR37 endophyte is not suitable for deer or horse pastures.

Asset Italian Ryegrass

Sowing & Establishment

  • Sowing Rate Asset WE 20-25, Asset WE undersowing 12-15

Performance Data

Asset has excellent summer quality for its type, coupled with very high annual production. Asset without endophyte, is an ideal long-lived Italian for autumn and winter lamb production, or any short term pasture on sheep, beef and dairy farms.

The demonstration of Asset AR37 persistence can be seen in its performance in the second autumn of the NFVT national summary where it is a highly competitive diploid Italian.

Suggested Mixes

Asset/Relish Example Mix

  Rate (kg/ha)
Asset AR37 10 -14
Relish red clover 8
TOTAL 18-22


Dairy Pasture - Undersowing Example Mix

  Rate (kg/ha)
Asset AR37  12-15
Ecotain environmental plantain or AgriTonic plantain 3-4
TOTAL 15-19

Sheep & Beef Pasture Example Mix

  Rate (kg/ha)
Asset AR37 18
Tribute white clover 3
Relish red clover 4


Intensive Lamb and Deer Finishing Example Mix

  Rate (kg/ha)
Asset WE 10
Relish red clover 10
Tribute white clover 2
Dean Francois Testimonial Image
Asset has a real punch through Autumn and Winter for cattle finishing while retaining quality throughout summer for lambs

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