• Heading Date Early (-18)
  • Suggested sowing rate (kg/ha) 20-25 kg/ha
  • Endophyte Max P
  • Rust Tolerance High
  • Perenniality Perennial

Haven is one of the highest-producing tall fescues Agricom has tested. While maintaining its high early spring growth similar to the previous generation material, Haven has captured more summer, autumn, and winter growth leading to an impressive annual yield potential for a Haven pasture.

• Soft leaves in an early heading tall fescue
• High total production with improved autumn and winter growth
• High crown rust tolerance
• Tolerant to a range of insects

Haven’s final crossing parents were all screened for quality with only the highest testing (ME) plants making it into the final selection from the elite plants. Haven is also defined as a new fescue with excellent rust tolerance and a healthy dark green growth habit.

Haven tall fescue and Oakdon meadow fescue in the Waikato

Haven is a deep-rooted grass with a large coarse fibrous root mass that can often be found well beyond the rooting depth of perennial ryegrass. This root structure and the strong crowning habit of Haven helps it to be naturally tolerant to grass grub while the presence of MaxP® endophyte extends its insect tolerance markedly. For increased tolerance to grass grub mixing Haven MaxP® with Oakdon MaxR meadow fescue is a great way to make more resilient “fescue” pastures.

Haven is ideal for all existing tall fescue users and for any farm looking to improve early spring production with a deep rooted perennial grass species and excellent tolerance to hotter and more humid climatic conditions.

Photo right: Haven tall fescue, Oakdon meadow fescue, Brace white clover & Relish red clover mix 

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