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Rival summer turnip is an early-maturing tankard-shaped bulb turnip bred for high leaf production. Rival is ideally used as part of a pasture renovation program on dairy farms that have a period of dry and/or a loss of pasture quality through January and February.

  • Early-maturing summer turnip with excellent leaf production and leaf-holding 
  • Tankard bulb with high proportion of bulb above ground
  • Bred for improved turnip mosaic virus tolerance

Rival summer turnip provides high volumes of high energy, high protein and low fibre forage at a time of year when fibre content of pastures are increasing, and energy and protein are deceasing.
Growing a crop at these times provides the opportunity to maintain or improve pasture cover on farms that may be growing slower than desirable due to summerdry or hot conditions.

Summer turnip should never make up more the 5 kg, or one third of a cow’s diet.

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