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Triumph is a very high yielding yellow fleshed swede with good dry rot and mildew tolerance. This new generation swede has a uniform bronze/purple skinned bulb and very good leaf holding characteristics.

  • Very high yielding, yellow-fleshed, main-crop swede
  • Leafy swede with good leaf retention in winter
  • High dry rot tolerance
  • Suitable for all stock classes




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Sowing & Establishment

 Sowing Triumph swedes
Suggested Sowing Time Late November to Early December
Suggested Sowing Rate (kg/ha)

0.5 in 60 cm ridges

1.0 in 20 cm rows

1.5 broadcast

Time to First Grazing 24 - 30 weeks
Number of Potential Grazings 1 (It may be possible to graze the tops in February - March)
Potential Yield (t DM/ha)

Average = 12 - 14 

Top = 18 +

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Happy with the yield and with the good dry rot tolerance

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