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  • Sowing Time Late November to early December
  • Grazing Seasons Autumn, Winter
  • Time To First Grazing 24-30 weeks

Domain is a new generation, dry rot tolerant, yellow-fleshed swede. Domain is an early maturity traditional swede and is very similar in growth habit to Doon Major and Dominion.
Traditional types of swedes such as Domain are not particularly leafy in nature and often produce and maintain lower leaf yields than the more modern higher yielding swedes available
today. They also are characterised by lower bulb drymatter percentages – this is often related to softer bulb types. Domain is suitable for sheep, dairy, beef and deer and this type of swede is
ideal for younger stock classes. Domain has shown high tolerance to dry rot, however it has no improved clubroot tolerance and is not recommended as a second crop swede and should not be sown after any other brassica. Domain is an early-maturing soft swede which is often preferentially grazed in May and early June. As Domain is a palatable swede, the practice of grazing the leaf with lambs and hoggets in autumn requires careful monitoring as the chipping of bulbs can occur very early in the grazing. Bulb chipping can lead to diseases infecting the damaged bulb prior to the main grazing period.

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Sowing & Establishment

Suggested Sowing Time Late November to early December
Suggested Sowing Rate 0.5 in 60 cm ridges, 1.0 in 20 cm rows, 1.5 broadcast
Time to first grazing 24-30 weeks
Number of potential grazings 1 (It may be possible to graze the tops in February - March)
Potential yield (t DM/ha) Average = 10 -14, Top = 18+
  • Sowing Rate 0.5 in 60 cm ridges, 1.0 in 20 cm rows, 1.5 broadcast
  • Sowing Time Late November to early December

Performance Data

  • Excellent dry rot tolerance
  • Early maturity, yellow-fleshed first crop swede
  • Palatable swede, ideal for all classes of stock
  • Very good table swede

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