SovGold Kale Agricom
  • Sowing Rate 4 kg/HA

SovGold is a modern New Zealand bred kale that combines excellent quality with a high yield potential. SovGold has a very high top end yield potential, although average yields are around 10-14 t DM/ha, depending on management and environment. SovGold will be well suited to all cattle grazing systems and sheep systems that sow late to control crop height for utilisation by sheep.

Some of the key points that set SovGold apart are:

1. SovGold produces a very high leaf yield which converts to a high leaf to stem ratio
2. SovGold has been bred with stem quality in mind.
3. SovGold is a later flowering kale

Sowing & Establishment

Kale is traditionally sown between late November and early December. The only reason to sow earlier is if it is being sown in very dry conditions or lambs are being used to graze the crop in February/March. Early sowing of kale may produce higher drymatters and therefore possibly higher yields by late autumn, however this is associated with older plants with more lignin and lower quality stems. This can make utilisation harder and often leads to more stem left in the paddock complicating future management.

January or early February sown SovGold is a genuine alternative to sowing rape at this time. The benefits are that SovGold will hold leaf for longer and the stem will maintain its quality for longer. A great option for young cattle and sheep grazing.


 Suggested Sowing Time Suggested Sowing Rate (kg/ha) Time to First Grazing Number of Potential Grazings Potential Yield (t DM/ha)
Late October 4 14-16 weeks 2 (sheep only for first grazing of leaf only)

Accumulated = 14-15*

Late November to Late December 4 18-24 weeks 1

Average = 10 - 14

Top = 18+

Late January to mid-February 4 14-18 weeks  1 8-10

*Depending on number of grazings

  • Sowing Rate 4 kg/HA

Performance Data

In a multi-year multi-site analysis SovGold is yielding 7% more than Sovereign

  Number of Trials Total Yield (t/ha) Leaf Yield (t/ha)
Sovereign 27 13.7  4.9
SovGold 24 14.7  5.3

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