Wintering on fodder beet

Transitioning a Central Otago fast track bull beef system to winter feed.


Wintering bull calves on fodder beet can be part of a profitable farming system. Jamon Fodder Beet was chosen for this Central Otago fast track bull beef system for its medium dry matter, low bolting & high yield size. This farm transitions 420 bulls per year from 100% pasture to fodder beet and lucerne silage supplement feed for winter. Check out the video below to learn more.

Jamon is a very uniform, mono-germ cultivar that has been evaluated in New Zealand for a number of years. It is an orange skinned cultivar with a bulb drymatter percentage of between 16 -18%, similar to many current industry products. Jamon is French fodder beet breeders Florimond Desprez’s most popular product and with our New Zealand experience we believe it complements Agricom’s current fodder beet range.

  • True mono-germ cultivar
  • Medium to high drymatter type (16-18%)
  • 50% of bulb above ground
  • Very good resistance to bolting
  • Above ground colour: Orange
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Jamon fodder beet

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