Risks of flowering Brassica and key considerations:

Listen to Dr Glenn Judson, Leader of the Animal Nutrition and Farm Systems team with Agricom, outline the biggest risks around flowering brassica and what the key considerations are to minimise them.



  • Ensure feed budgets have been done to make sure there isn’t too much surplus crop leftover later in the season
  • Choose late-flowering cultivars as these can allow for a larger window for grazing before they flower
  • The risk of grazing flowering brassicas can be dependent on whether the animal is lactating, pregnant or dry, how much they are consuming, and what else their diet is made up of
  • Avoid adding extra animals on that aren’t already adjusted to the crop
  • The amount and type of fertiliser used to grow the crop can impact the risk. Ensure you consider the fertiliser applications as an excess of sulphur and nitrogen can increase the SMCO and glucosinolate risk
  • It is important to be mindful of the potential risks when grazing flowering brassicas and seek advice on your particular situation

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