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  • Heading Date Late (+20)
  • Ploidy Diploid
  • Suggested sowing rate (kg/ha) 18-20
  • Endophyte AR37
  • Rust Tolerance Excellent
  • Pasture Life Perennial

Three60 is a late heading diploid perennial ryegrass of medium to fine tiller size. It has a very similiar heading date to the highly popular ONE50 and this is what makes Three60, its natural successor, so interesting.

• Very high annual drymatter production
• Excellent spring quality and summer leafiness
• Outstanding use of summer irrigation or natural rainfall
• Excellent crown rust tolerance




7 month old Three60 paddock

This is a 7 month old Three60 paddock that has had multiple grazings and silage cut since establishment. The photo shows ten days of regrowth taken in April 2023.

Performance Data

Three60 is the result of a cross created from three family groups that had been screened and selected over many years for their performance in Kerikeri (Northland), Ruakura (Waikato), Palmerston North (Manawatu) and Lincoln (Canterbury). This broad selection process has created a perennial ryegrass that is highly resilient. Three60 like ONE50 before it has demonstrated a staygreen habit through dry summer conditions and this is particularly noticeable in the hot northern areas of New Zealand where Three60 has been very visual in its tolerance to hot and dry summer conditions.

We recommend Three60 to be used in irrigated and natural rainfall dairy and beef systems.

Three60 has a five star rating in the upper North Island at the time of print. For more information on the DairyNZ FVI see


Suggested Mixes

Dairy Pasture Mix 

Three60 is perfect for dairy production due to its outstanding summer, autumn and winter growth, quality and persistence. 

  Rate (kg/ha)
Three60 AR37 perennial ryegrass (AR1 available 2024) 20
Brace white clover 3
Attribute white clover 2

Dairy Support & Beef Finishing Mix 

Three60 is an ideal ryegrass for summer silage and autumn saved feed, while its late heading in spring helps maintain silage quality for longer.

  Rate (kg/ha)
Three60 AR37 perennial ryegrass (AR1 available 2024) 18
Brace white clover 3
Attribute white clover 2
Relish red clover  4
Ecotain® environmental plaintain 2

Rotation Products

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