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  • Leaf Size Large
  • Pasture Life Perennial
  • Grazing Seasons Spring, Summer

Mainstay is a large-leaved, high producing white clover ideally suited to high-yielding grass pastures, including dairy and beef. 

  • New generation large-leaved white clover bred by AgResearch
  • Mainstay is a high performer that delivers excellent drymatter production
  • Mainstay has shown outstanding recovery from drought in the Waikato
  • Primary clover for dairy and beef systems

Mainstay has shown extremely high production when tested against other cultivars under grazing in ryegrass swards. It has also shown superior drought recovery in Waikato trials. Mainstay has been in a number of trials that have run for four years and has been a dominant cultivar for both yield and persistence.

Mainstay should be used as the main clover component in all dairy and beef pastures. It also suits rotational grazed sheep finishing pastures, especially when mixed with Tribute white clover.

Mainstay white clover

Sowing & Establishment

  • Seed Weight .71 grams (per 1,000 seeds)
  • Sowing Rate 4-6 mixed sward

Performance Data

Mainstay was selected for increased persistence and production under very high levels of clover root weevil at all the trial sites.
Mainstay has shown both outstanding yield potential and persistence under adverse conditions for a large-leaved white clover as seen in Figure 1, which shows Mainstays recovery from drought in the Waikato in the summer of 2007-2008.
The result from the Waikato was also repeated in Mainstays performance in the Manawatu under beef grazing where it had excellent total performance and was still performing to a high level in its fourth year.

Suggested Mixes

Dairy Pasture Example Mixes

 Diploid Perennial Mixes Rate (kg/ha)
ONE50/Request/Prospect perennial ryegrass with AR37, AR1 or LE endophyte  20
 Mainstay white clover 2
Tribute white clover 3
 Tetraploid Perennial/Long rotation mix Rate (kg/ha)
 Halo tetraploid perennial ryegrass/Ohau tetraploid long rotation ryegrass with AR37, AR1 or LE endophyte  25
 Mainstay white clover 2
Tribute white clover 3
Allister Moorhead | Agricom
Outstanding production for a large-leaved white clover

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