Torlesse Lucerne
  • Heading Date Mid-Season
  • Pasture Life Perennial

Torlesse lucerne was bred by AgResearch Grasslands. The breeding objective was to develop a winter dormant lucerne cultivar with high production and resistance to the main pests and diseases of lucerne. Winter dormancy is essential for persistence in the colder lucerne growing areas of New Zealand and improves persistence under grazing in all regions.

  • Winter dormant lucerne suitable for all regions of New Zealand
  • Excellent resistance to stem nematode, blue-green aphid, bacterial wilt, Fusarium wilt, verticilium wilt and general leaf disease
  • Dual purpose lucerne suitable for grazing or conservation
  • Fine-stemmed locally adapted variety

Torlesse has similar winter dormancy levels to Wairau, with very high spring and summer production.

Torlesse is a dual purpose, New Zealand bred lucerne suitable for hay or silage. A key feature of Torlesse that farmers like is its high quality leaf and stem.

Torlesse has a fine and palatable stem and a high proportion of leaf, resulting in good utilisation and animal performance.

Torlesse Lucerne

Sowing & Establishment

  • Seed Weight 2 grams (per 1,000 seeds)
  • Sowing Rate Pure sward 10-13

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