Relish Advantage Mix

See red and white and Relish the gains!

Two of New Zealand’s most popular and productive clovers now in one convenient pack

Relish Advantage Mix is the ultimate in liveweight gain for all classes of sheep and deer providing a high performance pasture system that can last 2 - 3 years. Also makes very high quality silage or hay. This powerful combination is now readily available in a convenient 15 kg pack (1 ha).

Standout points from current red clover research and experience in sheep systems:

  • Very high average lamb weaning weights with a high percentage sold prime at weaning

  • Ewe liveweights at weaning higher than from ewes on ryegrass pasture

  • High summer liveweight gain potential

  • High dressing out percentages in lambs

  • Significant build up of soil nitrogen that can be used to enhance future cropping or pastoral options



"Step change in red clover genetics"Relish Logo

  • A major improvement in persistence within grazing systems
  • High yield potential over time
  • Semi-prostrate growth habit
  • Low levels of formononetin (oestrogen)



"New Zealand's largest selling white clover"Tribute white clover Logo

  • Medium to large-leaved white clover
  • High stolon density/leaf size ratio
  • Improved out of season production
  • Shown to be tolerant to clover root weevil


NZ's top selling white clover


Relish the benefits...


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