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  • Heading Date Early
  • Pasture Life 2 - 5 years
  • Grazing Seasons Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

Atom prairie grass is an alternative short to long-rotation option for high quality feed requirements. The nil endophyte forage, palatable seed heads, potentially high legume and herb content, and summer heat tolerance, is a perfect fit for late-spring, summer and autumn finishing of young stock. Atom prairie grass also has good winter production, similar to short-rotation ryegrasses, making it a useful pasture tool at this time of year.
Prairie grass will be most productive in fertile (Olsen P above 30), free draining soils with pH above 5.5. If these conditions are met it may last 4-5 years or more. It will not tolerate water-logging conditions, pugging or soil acidity. For optimum establishment it should be sown at 25-30 kg/ha, into soils where temperatures are above 10 degrees C, at a depth of 5-15mm. It is prone to Hessian fly in northern regions. A lax rotational grazing is recommended for Atom making it ideal for sowing into run-out lucerne stands. It can be successfully conserved as hay and silage.

Atom prairie grass | Agricom

Sowing & Establishment

  • Sowing Rate 25-30

Suggested Mixes

Cattle, deer and lax rotational sheep grazing

Cultivar Rate (kg/ha)
Atom prairie grass  25-30
Relish/Sensation red clover  4
Choice chicory 1.5
Ecotain/Agritonic plantain 2
Torlesse lucerne 4
TOTAL 36.5-41.5

Under-sowing run-out lucerne stands

Cultivar Rate (kg/ha)
Atom prairie grass 25-30
Choice chicory 1.5
Ecotain/AgriTonic plantain  2
TOTAL 28.5-33.5
Bryce Gibson Atom  prairie grass
After seeing the performance of Atom prairie grass in the local trial site over the last few years against other grass options, we have planted more each year and it hasn't disappointed in its quantity and quality of feed!

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