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  • Sowing Rate 18 kg/HA
  • Heading Date Mid (+3)
  • Ploidy Diploid
  • Endophyte AR37, AR1, Low Endophyte
  • Rust Tolerance Very High
  • Perenniality Perennial
  • Grazing Seasons Spring, Summer

Samson is a medium tillered perennial ryegrass with rapid and vigorous establishment. Samson is a high yielding cultivar, especially through the summer months.

  • Available with AR37 and AR1 novel endophytes and LE
  • Proven persistence in a wide range of New Zealand environments
  • Productive under sheep and beef management
  • Bred for improved rust tolerance 

Samson was bred by AgResearch Grasslands from plants selected from Northland, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay, Waikato, Manawatu, Canterbury and Southland. Samson has excellent rust tolerance and reduced stem production in spring. Samson has been very successfully used on dairy, sheep and beef farms where farmers want strong and reliable pasture production.

Samson perennial ryegrass is now commercially available with AR37 novel endophyte.

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Sowing & Establishment

  • Seed Weight 2.4 grams (per 1,000 seeds)
  • Sowing Rate 18 kg/HA, 18 - 20

Performance Data

Samson is a general purpose perennial ryegrass that excels under sheep and beef grazing. Samson is one of the most widely tested AR1 and AR37 varieties available.

Samson was bred from a wide range of genetics from around New Zealand making it an excellent long term pasture choice countrywide. Samson has been researched extensively, especially in developing the novel endophytes AR37 and AR1

Farmers keep coming back to Samson because they trust it to persist and perform.

Suggested Mixes

North Island Dairy/Beef/Sheep

   Rate (kg/ha)
Samson AR1, AR37 or LE perennial ryegrass* 16-20 
Tribute white clover 4
Sensation red clover 4
TOTAL 24-28


South Island Dairy/Beef

  Rate (kg/ha)
Samson AR1, AR37 or LE perennial ryegrass* 14
Ohau long rotation grass 10
Tribute white clover 4
Sensation red clover 4

South Island Sheep

  Rate (kg/ha)
Samson AR1, AR37 or LE perennial ryegrass* 12
Supreme AR1 long rotation ryegrass* 8
Tribute white clover 4
Sensation red clover 4
* It is not advisable to mix AR37 and AR1 varieties. AR1 is not recommended for areas where black beetle, porina or root aphid are common problem pests. Grass seed should be Superstrike® treated where Argentine stem weevil, black beetle or grass grub are a risk to seedlings. For more information on AR37 endophyte, visit AR37 endophyte is not suitable for deer or horse pastures.
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