Agricom has had a long and successful history of developing leading and innovative new pasture and forage crop cultivars. Our current product portfolio is the combined results of AgResearch Grasslands and Agricom plant breeders based from Southland to Northland, who have links with a number of domestic and international organisations.

Our aim is to breed new cultivars which provide opportunities for farmers to improve animal production and reduce costs. These cultivars will also look to incorporate new technologies that enhance the production, persistence and quality of pastures (e.g. novel endophytes). We have developed a range of forage types that provide good options to suit a range of animal production needs, and that are adapted to the various environments throughout the country.

Agricom pride itself on the innovation of new products and farming systems to give farmers tools to increase on-farm productivity. For example, in recent history Agricom developed Tonic plantain and the preceding ‘Tonic Forage System’ to get maximum animal productivity from Tonic and was involved in the introduction of the latest novel endophyte AR37 to increase both pasture persistence and productivity in certain environments. Agricom also research and develop best practice for animal productivity on selected cultivars; e.g. best practice grazing for red clover, Sovereign Kale, Winfred forage rape and Hunter forage brassica.