• Heading Date Late (+12)
  • Ploidy Diploid
  • Endophyte AR37, AR1
  • Perenniality Perennial

Grasslands Prospect has excellent all-year-round growth and tiller density for persistence. 

  • Available with AR37 and AR1 novel endophytes
  • Prospect has been bred from a diverse range of genetic perennial material
  • Strong all-year-round performance
  • A dense, fine-leaved diploid cultivar with high total production 

Prospect is a new generation perennial ryegrass# that has been bred from a combination of late heading north-west Spanish perennial ryegrasses and traditional mid heading perennial ryegrasses. Due to Prospect's flowering date of +12 days, its peak growth is between a mid heading ryegrass like Samson and a late heading ryegrass like ONE50. Prospect is characterised by a dense fine-leaved habit. One of its main strengths is its reliable all-year-round production.

#Prospect has been bred, selected and successfully tested as a perennial and will function as a perennial ryegrass. Due to a small number of tip awns Prospect is certified as Lolium boucheanum.


Jim Price Testimonial Final Image
Prospect is a grass that can handle a tough environment and has the ability to perform and persist when it counts

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