Early-season production with the hybrid advantage of palatability

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  • Heading Date Late (+15)
  • Ploidy Diploid
  • Endophyte AR1, Low Endophyte
  • Rust Tolerance Good
  • Perenniality Long Rotation
  • Grazing Seasons Spring, Summer

SupremePLUS has a parentage of 75% perennial and 25% Italian ryegrass. SupremePLUS was bred by AgResearch Grasslands in Gore, where the focus was on winter and early-spring growth, longevity and palatability.

  • Excellent performance in South Island trials
  • Strong winter and early-spring production
  • Late-heading date
  • Good persistence for a long-rotation type

SupremePLUS is a high performing ryegrass in the South Island, with drymatterproduction equal to the best perennials in most trials. SupremePLUS is a late-heading ryegrass, which combined with its strong winter and early-spring production, makes it an ideal ryegrass for many farm systems. SupremePLUS is an ideal companion grass, boosting pasture performance. SupremePLUS has a high tiller density which provides advantages where heavy grazing and pugging are likely to occur

Supreme long rotation ryegrass

Sowing & Establishment

  • Seed Weight 2.4 grams (per 1,000 seeds)
  • Sowing Rate 18-20

Performance Data

The following trial results show SupremePLUS is able to produce high amounts of Dry Matter with significantly more winter production than Aries and Bronsyn.
SupremePLUS has high palatability seen by most long rotation ryegrasses when compared to traditional perennial ryegrasses. This and its heading date of +14 days makes SupremePLUS an essential component of all high production pasture mixes.

To maximise the production of SupremePLUS and the consequent financial returns from it, the following management issues must be considered. SupremePLUS can potentially be one of the most productive pastures on the property when managed correctly.

SupremePLUS pastures should be managed for high production by avoiding overgrazing or pugging. Maximise the legume content and production, particularly in the first three seasons by limiting heavy spring and summer grazing. Instead, continue to
lightly graze with lambs or cattle where possible.Ensure pastures are adequately fertilised, recognising that production per hectare will be higher than other pastures on the farm. SupremePLUS is very responsive to nitrogen fertiliser applications.

Suggested Mixes

High Quality Perennial Pasture Mix - Dairy/Beef/Sheep/Deer

  Rate (kg/ha)
SupremePLUS LE or AR1 long rotation ryegrass 10
Ohau LE or AR1 long rotation ryegrass 14
Tribute white clover 3
Sensation red clover 4


General Purpose Mid Flowering Pasture Mix - Dairy/Beef/Sheep/Deer

In environments where conditions are marginal for the persistence of hybrid perennials, such as moderate to low soil fertility and overgrazed sites, some true perennials can be included in the mix.

SupremePLUS in this mix has the role of providing medium-term high quality feed, with boosts to early-spring growth.

SupremePLUS and Samson perennial ryegrasses have proved to be good companion species in this situation.


Rate (kg/ha)

SupremePLUS LE or AR1 long rotation grass 7
Samson LE or AR1 perennial ryegrass 12
Tribute white clover 4

General Purpose Late Flowering Pasture Mix - Dairy/Beef/Sheep/Deer

  Rate (kg/ha)
SupremePLUS LE or AR1 long rotation ryegrass 7
ONE50 LE or AR1 perennial ryegrass 12
Tribute white clover 4

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