• Heading Date Late (+13)
  • Pasture Life Annual

Progrow is a traditional annual ryegrass, which is best used as a break-crop to carry large volumes of stock through winter, and for early silage production before the re-establishment of spring-sown brassica crops, other crops, or pasture.

  • Reliable establishment and winter production
  • Excellent grazing tolerance and re-growth from heavy winter grazing
  • Early hay/silage option
  • Lower sowing rates per hectare compared with annual tetraploids
  • Low cost per kilogram of feed grown

Progrow is a finer denser annual making it ideal where there is likelihood of strip grazing or other forms of intensive grazing through winter.

Progrow is a cost-effective tool for patching up old, under-performing pastures, as a break-crop in a pasture renewal program, and as an early step in a land development program. Being a diploid, Progrow can be sown at a lower rate than tetraploids, providing similar production for a low cost.


Sowing & Establishment

  • Seed Weight 2 grams (per 1,000 seeds)
  • Sowing Rate Early sown 18-20 kg/ha, Late sown 25-30 kg/ha

Performance Data

Annual ryegrass performance in Crop & Food Cereal trial, sown 14th April and harvested as green chop silage on the 10th September, Gordonton Waikato 2006

Entry kg DM/ha
Milton Oats 7090
Progrow diploid annual ryegrass 4570
Andy tetraploid annual ryegrass 4200
Tama tetraploid annual ryegrass 3910

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