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  • Heading Date Mid (-3)
  • Ploidy Diploid
  • Endophytes Low Endophyte
  • Perenniality Perennial
Kingston perennial ryegrass is a mid-flowering diploid perennial ryegrass, with strong early-spring activity. This allows Kingston to contribute valuable growth in the critical early lambing and calving period. Kingston is one of the more versatile ryegrasses in the Agricom range. A high tiller density gives good tolerance to occasional hard grazing, and winter damage, and allows rapid recovery after grazing. Part of Kingston’s breeding has improved tolerance to acid soils containing Aluminium.
Kingston has shown particularly strong application to South Island conditions.
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Sowing & Establishment

  • Seed Weight 2 grams (per 1,000 seeds)
  • Sowing Rate Pure sward 18 - 20

Performance Data

Trial results and farmer observations show Kingston has the ability to support valuable clover content, whilst still performing well as a dry matter producer.

  • A versatile general-purpose ryegrass for sheep and beef
  • Adapted to South Island conditions
  • Densely tillered
  • Strong early-spring production
  • Ability to support valuable

Suggested Mixes

Environment, less than ideal

  Rate (kg/ha)
Kingston LE 18
Tribute white clover
Relish red clover
Choice chicory 1.5
Tonic plantain
TOTAL  29.5

Environment, moist, well grazed

  Rate (kg/ha)
Kingston LE 18
Tribute white clover 4
Relish red clover
Choice chicory
Tonic plantain
TOTAL 31.5

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