Fodder Beet For The Future


The team at Agricom welcome you to attend Fodder Beet for the Future. An informing session aimed at equipping you with the knowledge to maximise animal performance on fodder beet.

From its introduction as an alternative feed option through to its current widespread use across multiple stock classes, fodder beet has been an evolving forage option.

At our event, Agricom and its guest speakers will be taking the opportunity to present on the latest topics surrounding fodder beet usage in Southland, supplying in-depth knowledge to successfully grow and utilise fodder beet within a variety of farming systems.



Ben Allot - Veterinarian at North Canterbury Veterinary Clinics

Gene Marsh and Mo Topham – LIC Farmwise consultants’

Shane Maley - Research Agronomist at Plant and Food Research

Sam Robinson - Fodder Beet Technical Specialist at Agricom

Glenn Judson - Animal Nutritionist at Agricom

Mark Brown - NZ Marketing Manager at Agricom




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RSVP ‘YES’ by 22 April and attend our event to go in the draw to win five boxes of Jamon fodder beet seed for the upcoming season.*

*Terms and conditions apply. See here for more details.


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